Hallo wereld.

Welkom bij WordPress. Dit is je eerste bericht. Bewerk of verwijder het, start dan met schrijven!

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  2. Members of the National Assembly shall not be arrested or detained without the consent of the National Assembly during the session, except in the case of current offenders. The status of foreigners is guaranteed in accordance with international law and treaties. All citizens have the freedom of body. No one shall be arrested, detained, seized, searched or interrogated except in accordance with the law, and shall not be subjected to punishment, security measures, or forced labor except in accordance with the law and due process. When the President has made a disposition or order under paragraphs (1) and (2), he/she shall report it to the National Assembly without delay to obtain approval thereof. The President concludes and ratifies treaties, trusts, accepts, or dispatches diplomatic envoys, and declares and strengthens war. This Constitution shall come into force on February 25, 1988. However, the enactment and amendment of laws necessary for the enforcement of this Constitution, the election of the President and the National Assembly pursuant to this Constitution, and other preparations for the enforcement of this Constitution may be made prior to the enforcement of this Constitution.

  3. Citizens who have suffered damage due to illegal acts on the job of public officials may claim fair compensation from the State or public organizations as stipulated by law. In this case, the public official’s own responsibility shall not be exempted. All freedoms and rights of citizens may be restricted by law only when necessary for national security, order maintenance, or public welfare, and even if restricted, the essential contents of freedom and rights cannot be infringed. The state has an obligation to make efforts to promote social security and social welfare. The term of office of judges of the Constitutional Court is six years, and they may be reappointed as prescribed by law. The duration of a regular meeting may not exceed 100 days, and the duration of an extraordinary meeting may not exceed 30 days. In case of internal rain, foreign exchange, natural disaster, natural disaster, or serious financial or economic crisis, the President shall take the minimum necessary financial aid only when urgent measures are necessary to ensure national security or maintain public safety and order and there is no time to wait for the assembly of the National Assembly. · Can take economic measures or issue orders having the effect of law in this regard.

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